How I Buy Free Ticket From 21 Cineplex

Hi, it's been a while since my last post.. :)

21 Cineplex is one of the largest group of cinema in Indonesia (Cinema 21, Cinema XXI and The Premiere). In this post i wanna show you guys how i buy ticket using other people account on 21 Cineplex website. Well this is an old vulnerability but they never fix it so let's have some fun. :p

Start with find user cookies and referer link.

I will use this cookies and referer link. Open the referer link in browser.

As we can see on the left side, i don't have access to this account. Now use the user cookies.
I'm using Cookie Injector to write cookies.

Copy and paste user cookies to Cookie Injector than click OK and we'll have this screen below. This means user cookies is written successfully.

Now reopen the referer link. I will automatically login to the user page.

Let's buy a ticket with this account. The account balance is Rp. 165.000.
I wanna watch Inferno :)

Select city, cinema, date, time and how many ticket that we want to buy. Click CONTINUE, select seat and click BUY NOW.

Transaction process.

And i have my free ticket.. :)
I also have the transaction code 11636 to pick up the ticket.

As we can see now the user balance is Rp. 104.000.

Thats it for today. I have movie to watch. :p

Stay safe! Stay cool! :)