#DragonFly 3.8 Finally Brings #USB 3.0 Support

DragonFly, a distribution that belongs to the same class of operating systems as other BSD-derived systems and UNIX, has reached version 3.8.

DragonFly 3.8 is not as big as the previous release, but there are some very important features that have been added by the developers and it really warrants an update if you have an older version of this distro.

“DragonFly binaries in /bin and /sbin are now dynamic, which makes it possible to use current identification and authentication technologies such as PAM and NSS to manage user accounts. Some libraries have been moved to /lib to support this.”

“USB4BSD is now default in DragonFly. USB3 devices are supported, though some network devices may not be recognized,” said the devs on the website.

Also, the drm/i915 driver has been ported from FreeBSD and the developers are working hard to synchronize their work with the Linux 3.8.x branch. Eventually, the distro will be able to use GPUs included in Haswell and ValleyView/Bay Trail processors.

The developers have explained that DragonFly 3.8 will be the last release to feature a 32-bit version. The performance on that architecture is lagging too far behind.

Check out all the changes, updates, and fixes in the official announcement. You can download DragonFly 3.8 right now.