This Email Claimed Anti-NSA spy

Twitter Edward Snowden about NSA has created stigma nothing information really safe from U.S. intelligence agencies that intaian. But maybe not all of them, because there is an email service that claims to be immune to the NSA spy action.

Is ProtonMail which is the email service based in Switzerland who claims impenetrable NSA. Developed by the joint team of the administrator of the MIT, Harvard, and the CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, also provided a layered security ProtonMail.

ProtonMail started its development since the year 2013 it has the concept of a dual authentication login. That is not like most emails only requires that users simply enter a username and password once, the user must do it ProtonMail twice and with a different password.

Both access this login authentication and encryption of data representing an email user. In addition ProtonMail also claimed 100 anonymity which means it's difficult to track its existence, cannot be tracked his IP address, and also does not save the login data of its users.

ProtonMail also features a delightful self-destruct message where an email sent automatically ' destroy ' some time later after read recipient.

ProtonMail itself has now been entered public beta stage and going forward will be offered for free with limitation of 100 MB or a maximum of 500 emails per month to each account.