Cisco Big Boss Ask Obama To Stop Tapping

United States Government through the National Security Agency (NSA) into the spotlight because intercepting communications. Some technology companies are exposed to resin also felt unhappy, such as Cisco.

In the latest development, the NSA allegedly hacking into Cisco devices. Cisco CEO John Chambers also wrote a letter to u.s. President Barack Obama, who asked that the NSA put a stop to the spying activity.

John Chambers is worrying if the NSA continued to perform the action, there will be decline in confidence in the U.S. technology industry. He suggested there are rules for the NSA to order activity directly toward his eyes didn't hurt.

"We cannot operate in this way, our customers trust Cisco to deliver the highest standard of security and integrity," Chambers said.

Not long ago, NSA staff image appears fiddle atik Cisco devices. It ignited protests of Chambers. "There are allegations that NSA infiltrated IT equipment from manufacturers to consumers to monitor and get information from the target," reports the Financial Times.

"If the allegations were true, then the action will lower the degree of confidence in our industry and technology company's ability to sell the product globally," Chambers said.

NSA spy activity flourished to the surface after a variety of documents about that leaked by former CIA employee, Edward Snowden. Snowden's own current game the US and fled to Russia.