Password on the Internet Predicted would soon be replaced

How do you remember passwords for all devices and services on the Internet or banking? The average person requires a unique password 11 for all devices and services, ranging from online banking, social media or the other. These votes make stress. Not only that, the password in the form of writings already could not guarantee security.

"The last few years a simple password protection is not enough, easily penetrated an increasingly sophisticated hackers," said Gino m. Pereira, CEO of NXT-ID, a company that specializes in online authentication and encryption, Sunday, 29 December 2013,

Apple has released iPhone with fingerprint protection system. This step draw the player technology security devices and could threaten the existence of the password alias password.

Fido Alliance, one of the players in the field of computer security, in the event the Consumer Electronic Show early next year, will launch the product safety. They developed the biometric techniques so that consumers are protected from the threat of cybercrime.

The joint venture has developed three types of biometric security key: voice recognition, fingerprint readers, and scanners. "In one year, we were able to produce a product that includes a biometric security system," said Michael Barrett, President of Fido Alliance. The end of 2014, Android is planned with biometric security system was launched to the market.

One of these applications has been tested on a Barclays Wealth & banking services Investment. They are adopting voice recognition technology for authentication account holders. This system proved to be a success with the level of accuracy of 99,6%. In may, 90 percent chose the voice recognition system.

With this system, customers no longer need to remember some of the passcode to access their account online or by phone. Customers speak only with the phone operator for 20-30 seconds while the program check out their voices. The system is also being developed to recognize stress through sound. This is in order to anticipate if the customer is forced to open their accounts