Excused himself from the NSA's Target, Yahoo! Tightens Security

Yahoo! is focused on tightening the security system, following allegations that mention this website get listed in the target of the National Security Agency (NSA). Plan to do i.e. encrypt the transfer of all information from the data center. (read: Yahoo! Makes a rival YouTube)

Later Yahoo! users are given the option to encrypt the data that can be accessed when using the Yahoo! services. Via his Tumblr page, the search engine giant said Internet traffic in the center of the data is fully protected. The search page, the main page of Yahoo!, and electronic mail services are encrypted since January, write them via Tumblr, which is reported by Engadget, Thursday, April 3, 2014.

As for how to do the encryption when accessing Yahoo! News by adding HTTPS before typing in the name of the column in the site URL. Users can protect their data when accessing the page, sports, finance, and news on Yahoo! News.

Yahoo! Security Chief Alex Stamos is convinced that the protection method is able to maximize data protection the user of Yahoo!. "His progress is very good, but there's still a lot of work to tighten security," he said. (read: Spy Issue, Obama Invite Discussion Boss technology)

Yahoo! will also build a system of encryption for chat service, Yahoo! Messenger. Though not mentioning his time, they ensure increased security at the service was done this year.

A number of global information technology-based company was the target of the NSA. Earlier, former member of the spy agency, Edward Snowden, leaked the NSA documents that utilize Facebook for breaking into millions of computers in the seuruh world.

Giant Panda Country home network, Huawei, also was the target of the NSA. Leaked document shows the NSA Snowden began operations which called as "Shotgiant" of Huawei.

United States worried the Chinese Government made Huawei products to conduct espionage against the customers of the company. Huawei network equipment providers is the world's second largest after the original company Land Abang Sam, Cisco Systems.