Bypass Hotspot

It's been two month since my last post.. lol
Well.. I just wanna share my experience with hotspot and bypass trick. Hope you all like it.

I have connected to the hotspot but i can't do shit.
Can't browsing, searching and download. sucks!

If i want to use the internet connection, i have to buy their internet voucher then they will give me username and password.

I don't have money.. So let's improvise a lil bit.. :)

Now we are connected to the hotspot.

[+] Collect hotspot and users information

Open NetCut and you will see all users that connected to that hotspot.

Click "Print Table".

This is our mac and IP address right now.
[20:6A:8A:3D:F1:15] noge

This is the mac and IP address that we will use to bypass.

OK now we have mac and IP address.
Let's see the gateway and DNS server.

[+] Change Mac and IP address

Disable your interface.

Click your interface again and choose "Properties"

Change mac address by clicking "Configure..."

Select "Advanced" tab.
Our mac address is in "Local Administration MAC Network Address" (maybe with different name in other computer).

Change mac Value with mac address that we scan before 00:1A:80:EE:EE:E0 without ":" and click OK.

Click your interface and choose "Properties" again.

Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click "Properties".

Select "Use the following IP Address" and fill the form with IP address

that we scan before. Click "OK" and "Close".

Now we have change our mac and IP address.
Let's Enable interface and connect to hotspot again.

Our mac and IP address has changed.

Try browsing...

Walaaa!! Don't have to pay for the connection.. ^^


7 Responses so far.

  1. unyil says: gratisan melulu ini, request video tut aja de, n0ge_vs_ander.3gp :-)

  2. NoGe says:

    hidup gratisan! hahahaha.. :))

    masih idup juga kaw nyil? :p
    yang bener tuh video na oon_ander_jack.3gp wkakwakwkawkak..

  3. NoGe says:

    si kampret nungul disini juga.. lol

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  5. Anonymous says:

    The guy that we clonned his mac adress could he still connect?

  6. Anonymous says:

    That will make MAC will only work if the other guy is offline