SSH Tunnel with gSTM in ubuntu

what is gSTM?? [ Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager ]

gSTM is a front-end for managing SSH-tunneled port redirects. It stores tunnel configurations in a simple XML format.
The tunnels (local, remote and dynamic) can be managed and individually started/stopped through one simple interface.

download gSTM

install gSTM

sudo dpkg -i gstm_1.2_i386.deb

using gSTM

here is my local IP before use gSTM

after installation now go to Applications >> Internet >> gSTM

click Add and change the name with what ever you like

now put your tunnel info into Tunnel configuration

after that click Add on Port redirection
choose dynamic and port is up to you then click OK

now back to the front again and click Start
you will be promt tunnel password, fill the password and click OK

if the light green it means your tunnel is running

now setting the firefox configuration

Edit >> Preferences >> Network >> Settings

choose Manual proxy configuration
go to SOCKS Host and put localhost set the Port with dynamic port that we add in gSTM (12345)
and click OK

this is my IP now

happy browsing!! ^^

greetz to c0li & zxvf

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