ubuntu GRUB Error 17 [solved]

yesterday when i turn on my computer and guess what
tadaaa!! i got Error 17 while loading GRUB. wtf is this? lol
i cant login to ubuntu or windoz
so i take the ubuntu installation cd put into CDROM
rebbot and setting BIOS booting via CDROM
after booting from CDROM now you choose
rescue a broken system
then follow the instruction there
then you will be promt an root directory options
choose your root directory
my root directory is /dev/sda6
next step is enter rescue mode
and select reinstall GRUB boot loader
enter your device there
for example my device is (hd0,5)
just type like that then continue and reboot
now my GRUB loader running just fine.. :))

another way to fix the error that i found in internet is

booting from CDROM with your LiveCD
open Terminal
type sudo GRUB
you will be in GRUB mode right now
now type find /boot/GRUB/stage1
that command will show your linux device location such as hd0,5
now type root (hd0,5)
setup (hd0)