how to make an simple fake login

in this tutorial i will show you how to make a very simple facebook fake login
this is not a true login just an simple scampage

first u have to make 2 php file
- index.php
- noge.php

open noge.php and put this script

i use image to post the source coz blogspot dont allow it

now open
view the source or crtl+u copy all source and paste it into index.php
now ctrl+f in index.php and find this >> action=
you will find this line
method="POST" action=""
that is a link to login facebook
change with noge.php
so that line will like this now
method="POST" action="noge.php"
save it

now upload facebook scampage into your host
this is the example of facebook fake login

fill the email and password for test like pic above then click Login
after it you will be redirect to
now check your email that you put in noge.php

this is the result in your email

email :
password : password

this is for education purpose only
use it at your own risk

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  1. Wow, very cool tutorial, but quite dangerous if misused by people who are not responsible. but in learning, all things should be done, depending on self-knowledge that will be used for good or evil. thanks for sharing ^ _ ^

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  3. Very cool tutorial, but quite dangerous if misused by people who are not responsible...

  4. Great! I will try thanks for this nice tutorial.

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